About us

Justsheetmusic.com was founded in 2011.

When i was looking for sheet music a few years ago i noticed it was very hard to find the right sheet music in the search engines.

As a web developer myself i started this project to index all the sheet music websites i could found and tried to categorize each sheet music title.
It all started as a small project but soon it was already a big success. As of today the website has over 600.000 sheet music collected and contains over 2 Million links to different sheet music arrangements.

The main goal of the website is to be a free and independent website for all musicians lovers and sheet music shops.

Justsheetmusic.com is currently run by 2 people listed below.

Hugo Peters

(Owner / Developer)
Living in the Netherlands, always enjoys all different types of music from classical, pop, rock to trance and techno.

Most of the music talent came from my parents, having a mother playing cello in the orchestra and a father as piano teacher.

Currently verry busy with different web projects.

Christopher Faille

(Writer / Editor)
Christopher Faille is a writer and editor living and working in the northeastern United States.

His musical education began young, when he took up the clarinet. He never excelled at that instrument, alas, but his efforts helped him understand that music -- whether made well or poorly -- is an integral part of human nature. He has celebrated that discovery by performing at many karaoke events in recent years!

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