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Paul Was Not Dead, and Was Not a Walrus Either

A student at the University of Michigan, Fred LaBour, decided to make something up one day in 1969. The ‘something’ was a story that Paul McCartney, of the Beatles, was dead.

As Peter Ames Carlin, in his recent biography of Paul, tells the tale: LaBour didn’t produce the idea completely out of thin air. He had taken a phone call while working in the newsroom on something else, from someone who had put together a few “clues.”

There is a strange incantation at … Continue Reading

The rise of Clint Mansell

Mansell with the Sonus Quartet

If you are a movie enthusiast, the name Clint Mansell should definitely ring a bell or two in your head. There are very few people who have seen movies like ‘Black Swan’, ‘A Requeim for a Dream’, ‘The Wrestler’, ‘Moon’ and do not know Clint Mansell.

This English Music composer started off his career as the lead singer and guitarist for the band “Pop Will Eat Itself”. The young Mansell showed a lot of promise … Continue Reading

Ten Great Tunes with Railroad-Themed Lyrics

Railroad-Themed Tunes

From the days of the steam engine, through diesel and electric models, the railroads have proven a potent source of inspiration for the composers of songs and for their lyricists. In recognition of the recent release of the movie Atlas Shrugged I, a movie that has both a railroad corporation and a missing composer as key plot points, we at justsheetmusic would like to present ten of our favorite of the songs that resulted from the romance of the rails. … Continue Reading