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Five Big 2011 Music-News Stories

Five big 2011 music-news stories

We at www.justsheetmusic.com would like to bid a fond farewell to the year 2011, as we look with hope to the New Year.

Every year is a mixture of good and bad, of victory and despair, in music as in every other human endeavor. Here are five stories that especially caught our attention. Since they’re listed in no particular order, chronological or otherwise, this will be a “bullet point” list rather than an enumeration…. Continue Reading

Ken Russell, Rest in Peace

Ken Russell in 2008

English movie director Ken Russell died on November 27th. We at justsheetmusic.com mourn his passing, and we gaze in retrospective admiration at his work.

Russell made a specialty out of directing movies about great composers. Elgar (1962) was his first in this line; a docudrama long before that term was invented, dramatizing the life of England’s own Edward Elgar. The BBC’s website says that this was “one of the most popular films of its kind ever … Continue Reading