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Best Guitar Tips For Beginners

The guitar is an amazing instrument and learning to play it is a very rewarding experience. If you want to learn to play the guitar, these guitar tips will help you get started.
Guitar Tips For Beginners To Learn To Play Guitar
Learning to play guitar is fun, but unfortunately, a lot of beginners give up before they learn to play anything. Just like with any other instrument, there is a learning curve. Playing the guitar requires dedication and a lot of practice.

Here are some guitar tips to help you get started.

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Piano Practice Tips: How To Get Better

Even with everyday lessons and hands-on training, it can take years to learn how to play it correctly. 

Playing the piano is an admirable skill to possess. Most adults are thankful for their pushy mother or father compelling them to suffer through those repetitive, weekday afternoon lessons.

Although, it could be said that the parents might actually have been the ones to suffer, listening to all of those vexatious misplayed notes!

In this article, we aim to present several tips on how to get better at the piano. So if you are one of the talented assemblages … Continue Reading

Coolest Guitars You Have Ever Seen


We’ve all seen custom guitars, but we usually think of a custom guitar as having custom pickups or something similar. Guitarists often commission unique guitars to add to their stage presence, or just wow the crowd.

Technology, specifically 3D printing, opened doors to a wide range of customizations for guitars, and some of the coolest guitars ever built.

This list ranks among the toughest list we’ve put together. There are far more cool guitars than we have room to list.

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Richest Guitarists Alive Today


Most of you know who the lead singer of your favorite band is and the lead guitar player. Lead singers get a lot of attention and are often viewed as the most important member. Vocals are essential, but if your bass player or drummer can’t keep time, your band won’t get far in the long run. All the musicians are crucial to the success of the group.

The guitar players, especially the lead one, is arguably more important as the lead singer or any other member of the band. They are responsible for many of the … Continue Reading