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Top 15 Songs of 2000’s

songs from the 2000s

At the end of the 20th century, nobody could have predicted where the music industry was leaded. In fact, it still boggles our minds to think about how different the musical landscape looked by the end of the 2000s compared to the late-90s. With rap and pop largely supplanting the popularity of rock music, the 00s decade transformed the face of popular music.

Want to find out which songs of the 2000s were the best? Our music experts browsed the best- selling charts from the last decade to find out which … Continue Reading

Songs of the 1990’s: Top 20 Picks

After the chaos and glamor of the eighties, nobody could predict where the music industry was headed. But, as it turned out, the nineties was a treasure trove of hit song after hit song, each of which we still crank up on the radio whenever they come on.

If you aren’t feeling nostalgic yet, you will soon. From the birth of grunge and gangster rap to the explosion of dance-pop and teen pop, the nineties was a major period of growth in the music industry. To help jog your memory, our music experts put … Continue Reading