Everything You Need to Know About the Kawai CE220 Piano

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If you don’t have space or the money for a traditional grand piano, then you may consider a digital piano instead. It can be tough to find a digital piano that sounds great, has a wonderful range of uses, and comes at an affordable price. Here, we take a look at the Kawai CE220 Digital Home Piano and how it stacks up against the competition.

What Is the Kawai CE220 Digital Home Piano?

The Kawai CE220 Digital Home Piano is an excellent addition to any home or music studio. It offers realistic and organic tones when playing the instrument, much like larger grand pianos, allowing you to express yourself fully through your music. While you can exclusively use the Kawai CE220 as a piano, there is a fair range of other instruments and sounds, such as the harpsichord, choir, different guitars, and many more. There are jacks and connectors for your computer and other musical instruments, giving you plenty of freedom to produce your music with everything you have available.

Product Specs

Sound and Keyboard

The Kawai CE220 features 88-notes that use Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology to give the piano its warm, realistic sound. Each of the wooden keys has Graded Hammer AWA PRO II Action with counterbalancing, simulating the feeling of pressing a grand piano’s keys. There are 22 different voices that make up the internal sounds, with 192 notes of polyphony.

The keyboard has a Dual Mode that plays two sounds at the same time. The Split Mode lets one sound play on the left-hand side of the keyboard while another sound plays on the right-hand side. The 4-Hands mode duplicates the keyboard into two 44-note pianos for two people to play at once. You can control the volume for Dual-Mode or Split Mode with the Balance Slider.

The three pedals on the Kawai CE220 are similar to that of grand pianos, with soft, sostenuto and damper or half-damper as you prefer.

Music and Recording

You can adjust the built-in metronome according to the time signature, tempo, volume, and sound. The metronome can be changed to one of over 100 drum rhythms. Even when changing to drums, you can still adjust the tempo and volume of the beats as needed. You can record your work with the easy press of the record button, with a separate button for Play/Stop.

For lessons and additional recording, the Kawai CE220 comes stored with 29 classical piano songs along with a music book.

Digital Jacks and Connectors

You can save your recorded songs to a USB drive and upload it to your computer as a MIDI file. There are separate MIDI jacks, for both in and out. You can connect your MP3 player through the available Line In jack and play your music through the Kawai CE220’s speaker system. Or you can connect your computer or other devices through the Line Out jack to record your music externally. The headphone jack allows you to use your external headphones for private listening.

Cabinet and Bench

The Kawai CE220 has a solid black cabinet made of the partial board instead of wood. The piano comes bundled with a one-person bench.


You can find the Kawai CE220 for around $1700-$2100 on Amazon. It is priced similarly on the official Kawai website and other vendors such as KraftMusic and Guitar Center. If you’d rather search on eBay, you might find cheaper options. This one is rather pricey compared to other digital home pianos. But you may feel that the features and specs outweigh the cost, which is perfectly acceptable.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano
  • Suzuki VG-88 Vertical Grand Console Digital Piano
  • Korg B1SP Digital Piano
Source: Amazon

Kawai CE220 Digital Home Piano

Price $$$

Sound Quality/Performance 4/5 Stars

The Kawai CE220 beautifully captures the sound of an acoustic piano. A trained ear will still spot the most obvious differences. Listening to the piano through your headphones will boost the quality of the sound, making it harder to find those differences. The piano has a lot of utility, with a dynamic range of instruments to choose from and unique modes to play in.

Options/Special Features 5/5 Stars

The many jacks and connectors for your computer, MP3 player and other devices are useful. There are plenty of different ways to save and record your work externally.

Design Quality 3/5 Stars

The cabinet is sturdy but is not made of wood. It is easy to scratch the surface. Some may worry about the layout of the keys, with larger hands accidentally pressing other buttons while playing. Still, it has a sleek look. The wooden keys may be too hard for some to press down on. The piano is durable and will hold up well over the years, but the initial installation will be difficult.

Warranty 5/5 Stars

The warranty lasts for three years and includes parts and labor. You must keep your store receipt or purchase statement to keep track of when you purchased the piano. Kawai has a Technical Services Division to assist with questions or concerns regarding your warranty.


  • Realistic sound
  • Many ways to connect your devices
  • Wide range of different instruments
  • Unique modes for duets and recording
  • Sleek and sturdy design


  • Wooden keys can feel too hard to press
  • Easy to press other buttons by accident while playing
  • Heavy and troublesome to put together

Yamaha YDP184R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

The Yamaha YDP184R Arius is a fine alternative for buyers who want a more traditional-looking piano. The sound does a good job of emulating the Yamaha grand concert pianos. The dark rosewood cabinet and bench are beautifully made and hold up well. The piano has 88 keys with GH3 3-sensor Graded Hammers along with synthetic ebony and ivory key tops. It includes Pure CF Sampling, a song recorder, 256 notes of polyphony and MIDI connectivity. The piano comes bundled with a one-person bench, with the same dark rosewood finish as the cabinet.

Price $$$

Sound Quality/Performance 4/5 Stars

The Yamaha YDP184R uses Virtual Resonance Modeling to capture the sound of a grand piano. As with the Kawai CE220, you may notice the difference in sound from a grand piano. Playing with headphones on help to keep the illusion going. Good range of audio sounds for music production, like the synth, organ, strings, and more. The pedals are realistic and give good resonance to the sound.

Options/Special Features 5/5 Stars

You can connect your computer, mobile and iOS devices with standard USB cables. There’s an app that lets you change the piano’s settings and record your music. Simultaneous playback is available with the recording feature, letting you record both hands at different times as needed. The product also includes built-in classic piano songs for listening and learning, along with an accompanying book with sheet music.

Design Quality 5/5 Stars

The dark rosewood finish is gorgeous with a classic, polished look. Initial installation can be difficult for anyone who isn’t used to heavy lifting, but the rest of the instructions are simple to follow.

Warranty 2/5 Stars

While the warranty covers your product for repairs or replacements, there is a catch. If you don’t purchase the piano and warranty from the official Yamaha store, your warranty will be invalid. They will not accept warranties if you buy your piano from Amazon, for example.


  • Gorgeous dark rosewood design
  • Range of musical sounds
  • Realistic and expressive tone
  • Classic and polished look
  • Good connectivity
  • Easy to install if you’re comfortable lifting heavy objects


  • Inconvenient warranty limitations outside of the official store

Suzuki VG-88 Vertical Grand Console Digital Piano

Like the others of its class, the Suzuki VG-88 has 88 notes with a Graded Hammer Velocity Sensitive keyboard. While its sound isn’t as realistic as its Kawai and Yamaha counterparts, the four-way enhanced stereo system still makes the music impressive to listen to. Recording and playback functions are included as well. The piano has two headphone jacks along with a twin-function keybed for duets and lessons. Bluetooth capability alongside usual USB ports lets you connect your devices for additional recording and playback features. Includes 189 note polyphony. The piano includes a bench made of the same material as the cabinet. Amazon, eBay, and the official Suzuki retailers are all solid choices to buy from.

Price $$

Sound Quality/Performance 3/5 Stars

The sound is beautiful, but it falls behind its competitors. If you need a functional digital piano, and you aren’t too concerned about having a more realistic sound, then this shouldn’t bother you too much. The quality of the speakers tries to make up the difference.

Options/Special Features 4/5 Stars

Bluetooth capability is great for when you don’t want to mess around with cables. It shares the most special features with the competition, but it only has a single-track recorder.

Design Quality 4/5 Stars

The Graded Hammer Action keyboard is responsive to touch and plays well. The cabinet is similar in quality to good furniture, though it isn’t as unique as the Yamaha.

Warranty 4/5 Stars

Solid three-year warranty that covers repairs and replacements. The official Suzuki website and eBay offer warranties. You will have to double-check on the warranty stipulations before purchasing from anywhere else, such as Amazon.


  • Smooth and responsive keys
  • Bluetooth connectivity for devices
  • Good speaker system
  • More affordable than alternatives


  • Only has a single-track recorder
  • Standard cabinet
  • Sound isn’t as expressive as alternatives

Korg B1SP Digital Piano

The Korg B1SP Digital Piano is the most affordable of the bunch. It has 88 keys that have Natural Weighted Hammer Action, built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and detachable metal pedals. While it doesn’t have as many features as the other options, this is more suited for beginners who don’t need the utility. This does not come bundled with a bench, so unless you already have one, you must purchase the bench separately. Amazon and the official Korg store carry these, along with other online retailers like Sweetwater and KraftMusic.

Price $

Sound Quality/Performance 4/5 Stars

This does a great job of capturing the sound of a concert piano. It’s not as sophisticated as the other options, but it still has a full, rich sound that’s hard to beat for its price.

Options/Special Features 2/5 Stars

The detachable pedals are great, and the variety of instruments is fun, but it is missing many features that the other pianos have. Again, for beginners, this won’t matter all that much.

Design Quality 4/5 Stars

The piano is lightweight and easy to put together right out of the box. It may not be sturdy enough for some buyers, so find one at a physical store to test it out.

Warranty 3/5 Stars

The warranty only lasts one year. It comes with the rest of the standard features.


  • Full, rich sound
  • Simple assembly
  • Good for beginners
  • Very affordable price
  • Smooth keys


  • Missing certain features, like MIDI output
  • The frame may be too lightweight; check in-store if possible
  • Warranty only lasts for one year


Compared to its competitors, the Kawai CE220 is an amazing digital piano for professional players to enjoy. The fine craftsmanship of the cabinet, the beautiful, realistic sound, and a good deal of different connectivity options make this a tempting buy. While the price is steep, consider the investment. You get what you pay for with a variety of features and a sturdy, reliable piece of work.

Assembly can be difficult at first. Once you start playing, you will need to adjust to the button layout being so close to the keyboard. Beginners may not need all the extra features, though they may want to consider this piano, anyway. It’s definitely one to keep for the long-term. So if you can scrounge up the cash, this is a beautifully made instrument that feels and sounds a lot like a grand piano. It’s the most expressive of its kind and offers plenty to keep you engaged for years to come.

We give the Kawai CE220 4 out of 5 stars.

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