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A Brief History of The Piano

The history of the piano comes from centuries of stringed keyboard designs. It also gained the approval of well-known composers.

history of the piano

Pianos may be a new instrument from the 1700′s. It’s design and history date back several centuries. Its history also includes innovative ideas from European builders. These builders shaped its modern design and performance.
The Invention of The Piano

history of the piano

Bartolomeo Cristofori is generally regarded as the inventor of the piano.

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The Best Metronome to Have with You While Practicing

Are you lacking the “umph” needed to bring your instrument practice sessions to the next level? You’re not alone: all musicians reach that point in time. It’s important to change things up when you hit a roadblock, and there are a few ways to do that. One of the best ways is to add a metronome into your music training periods to help you make quick gains in your speed and accuracy. In this article, we have reviewed several metronomes on the market right now and determined which one we feel is the best metronome available.   

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Piano Practice Tips: How To Get Better

Even with everyday lessons and hands-on training, it can take years to learn how to play it correctly. 

Playing the piano is an admirable skill to possess. Most adults are thankful for their pushy mother or father compelling them to suffer through those repetitive, weekday afternoon lessons.

Although, it could be said that the parents might actually have been the ones to suffer, listening to all of those vexatious misplayed notes!

In this article, we aim to present several tips on how to get better at the piano. So if you are one of the talented assemblages … Continue Reading

What Is a Metronome? Here’s What You Should Know.

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If you’re unfamiliar with metronomes, it doesn’t mean you’re totally offbeat. This device is largely used in the music world, so it makes sense that some people might not know what it is right off the bat. In short, metronomes are almost as old as modern music itself, making them an integral part in making music for hundreds of years. Whether you make music yourself or just listen to it, chances are you’ve encountered a metronome or … Continue Reading