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Monty Norman
Monty Norman Name: Monty
Surname: Norman
Monty Norman, the English singer, composer, and lyricist, was born in London, on the second night of Passover. His show business career developed in stages: from radio to Big Bands to variety shows, to writing songs for stars. In 1957, he wrote lyrics for the musical “Make Me an Offer,” an Engli... More informationsh-language version of a French musical, “Irma La Douce.” In 1958, he did the same for the rock-and-roll musical “Expresso Bongo,” which became a movie, starring Cliff Richard, in 1960. But Norman is best known for "The Bond Theme," the signature theme of the “James Bond” movie franchise. Norman said that whenever he played it for anybody they would have the same feeling about it that he did: it is eminently hummable, and it immediately evokes images of tuxedos, femme fatales, and olive-riddled martinis. He says that the Bond royalties keep him off the street. Less information
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By Monty Norman for the instruments Voice
By Monty Norman
By Monty Norman from her album 'Dr. No' for the instruments Piano, Guitar, Flute, Choir, Horn, Trombone, Tuba in the genre Jazz, Rock, Classical, pop and category Free, Scores, TV
By Monty Norman from her album 'Dr. No' for the instruments Vocal in the genre pop and category Soundtracks, Scores, TV
By Monty Norman for the instruments Orchestra
By Monty Norman for the instruments Orchestra

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Monty Norman
 United Kingdom
4 April 1928
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