Top 15 Songs of 2000’s

songs from the 2000s

At the end of the 20th century, nobody could have predicted where the music industry was leaded. In fact, it still boggles our minds to think about how different the musical landscape looked by the end of the 2000s compared to the late-90s. With rap and pop largely supplanting the popularity of rock music, the 00s decade transformed the face of popular music.

Want to find out which songs of the 2000s were the best? Our music experts browsed the best- selling charts from the last decade to find out which … Continue Reading

Songs of the 1990’s: Top 20 Picks

After the chaos and glamor of the eighties, nobody could predict where the music industry was headed. But, as it turned out, the nineties was a treasure trove of hit song after hit song, each of which we still crank up on the radio whenever they come on.

If you aren’t feeling nostalgic yet, you will soon. From the birth of grunge and gangster rap to the explosion of dance-pop and teen pop, the nineties was a major period of growth in the music industry. To help jog your memory, our music experts put … Continue Reading

The 1980’s Songs – Top 100 Picks

man singing with guitar

From It to Stranger Things, the modern day love for the 1980s is certainly real. And who could blame us?

The 1980s, for many, is reminiscent of a simpler time. A time when you could ride your bike with your friends around the neighborhood, and you just might stumble across some adventure.

Where films were about kids helping aliens phone home or adventurers brave the Temple of Doom. However, where the real nostalgia lies for many is in the music.

Synthesizers and big hair dominated the top charts of 1980s pop music. Sandwiched … Continue Reading

Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is considered by many guitar and rock music aficionados to be the greatest guitar solos of all time.

One must consider that so many people have selected Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” to display their guitar skills, that it has unfortunately been banned from being played at most Guitar Centers when trying out an instrument. Seriously, there have been signs posted that anyone who dares to play one of the greatest guitar solos of all time will be asked to put down their guitar and leave immediately. Tough crowd.

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Top 12 String Guitar Songs


There is no comparison for the robust sounds and qualities you can get when playing your instrument.

If you love the sound of an acoustic guitar, you may want to consider choosing a 12 string guitar because of its available range of tonal variation. 12 string guitar songs when played take advantage of a fuller sound, which
has a sparkle thanks to the use of octave strings.

Many classic rock songs were made strictly to be played on a 12-string guitar, including “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, and “Hotel California” by The Eagles. Early blues … Continue Reading

Tips To Play Electric Bass Guitar Better

When it comes to the bass guitar, you know you are in for a real treat if you practice the right technique and skills. The bass is not just a guitar with a few strings less than six. The tone, feel, and capabilities that a bass guitar can produce requires an approach the combines technique and appreciation of the unique sound that only a bass guitar can emit.

When playing bass guitar, you need to make sure that you focus on playing for the song, and not showing off in an unbridled display of showy … Continue Reading

Best Guitar Tips For Beginners

The guitar is an amazing instrument and learning to play it is a very rewarding experience. If you want to learn to play the guitar, these guitar tips will help you get started.
Guitar Tips For Beginners To Learn To Play Guitar
Learning to play guitar is fun, but unfortunately, a lot of beginners give up before they learn to play anything. Just like with any other instrument, there is a learning curve. Playing the guitar requires dedication and a lot of practice.

Here are some guitar tips to help you get started.

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Piano Practice Tips: How To Get Better

Even with everyday lessons and hands-on training, it can take years to learn how to play it correctly. 

Playing the piano is an admirable skill to possess. Most adults are thankful for their pushy mother or father compelling them to suffer through those repetitive, weekday afternoon lessons.

Although, it could be said that the parents might actually have been the ones to suffer, listening to all of those vexatious misplayed notes!

In this article, we aim to present several tips on how to get better at the piano. So if you are one of the talented assemblages … Continue Reading

Coolest Guitars You Have Ever Seen


We’ve all seen custom guitars, but we usually think of a custom guitar as having custom pickups or something similar. Guitarists often commission unique guitars to add to their stage presence, or just wow the crowd.

Technology, specifically 3D printing, opened doors to a wide range of customizations for guitars, and some of the coolest guitars ever built.

This list ranks among the toughest list we’ve put together. There are far more cool guitars than we have room to list.

So, we had to choose a balanced mix of cool guitars ranging from the classics to more … Continue Reading

Richest Guitarists Alive Today


Most of you know who the lead singer of your favorite band is and the lead guitar player. Lead singers get a lot of attention and are often viewed as the most important member. Vocals are essential, but if your bass player or drummer can’t keep time, your band won’t get far in the long run. All the musicians are crucial to the success of the group.

The guitar players, especially the lead one, is arguably more important as the lead singer or any other member of the band. They are responsible for many of the … Continue Reading