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13 Best Gifts for Musicians

adult artist artists bandSource: Pexels

If you have a music lover in your life, you probably know how much music can affect people. It can bring great joy, creative expression, and positivity to people of all kinds. When a special day comes around, be it a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, you want to make sure you get them something that speaks to them in a way similar to the way music does. If you are hunting for the perfect … Continue Reading

Tips to Help You Better Read Those Tricky Ledger Lines

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Reading music can be a notoriously confusing skill to develop at first. Without a strong understanding of what you’re looking at, a song in musical notation can seem like pages of complete gibberish. This is only more true with an instrument such as the piano, which has an especially wide range of playable notes and therefore much more musical notation to memorize. One aspect of sheet music that’s a common sticking point is the concept of … Continue Reading

Helpful Sight Reading Tips to Read to Improve Your Musical Abilities

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When learning to play a musical instrument or to sing in an organized chorus or choir, a person will often be required to confront sheet music. It’s basically a road map from Point A to Point B through a piece of music in a specialized language made largely of symbols and abbreviations. To follow this virtual map involves understanding the language and being able to follow along smoothly. It isn’t easy, but it can … Continue Reading

The Best Beginner Piano Books to Buy Today

Whether your little one is looking to begin to learn piano, or you’re an adult who has always put off their musical dreams, finding easy-to-understand and high-quality beginner piano books is essential. Piano books made specifically for those looking to learn a new skill are a core piece of mastering the piano and using them regularly empowers individuals to become self-taught musicians. This cost-effective method gets rid of the need to invest in expensive lessons and puts the power back in your hands.

Product FAQ… Continue Reading

How to Write Music Like a Pro

Musicians express themselves in many wonderful, different ways, but with professional lessons, they can learn to speak any language, no matter what culture. The lessons become more complex, but it comes easier and more quickly than you might think when you know how to write music.

There are a number of approaches. A musician can pull a melody or words from their head, play the seedling piece by trial and error on an instrument, then add to it in order to manufacture a song. Or, a formal approach is to learn … Continue Reading

Learning Guitar: What You Need to Know About Sheet Music

Image Source: quadriproject.com

Image Source: quadriproject.com

If you’re like me, between work and family, there are never enough hours in the day. Perhaps that is why I value alone time with my guitar the most. Learning an instrument can be a relaxing and beautiful experience.
Regardless of age, education, or amount of time throughout the day, the guitar is a wonderful instrument to start on, and I might be as bold to say that the guitar is the best instrument to begin with. Why? The guitar is simple … Continue Reading

3 Instruments You Should Learn Today

In a world where the liberal arts are dying out, it’s nice to find solace in the talents of other musicians. This euphoria is heightened exponentially when you play an instrument yourself. The possibilities for an instrument to choose can be overwhelming, so I am here as a guiding light. Below are a few of my choices of excellent instruments for beginners to learn.

1. Piano


The piano is an instrument that, while intimidating, is phenomenally valuable to learn. Piano teaches many of the theories used in music, and acts as a gateway to help learn others … Continue Reading

Michael Jackson the Father, Poet Songwriter, Dancer, Superstar


Michael Jackson’s Children (Prince Michael II, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson)

Sometimes I wonder when Michael Jackson began to realize he wanted a lot of children. In his song Can You Feel It he sings to us: Every breath you take is someone’s death in another place: Every healthy smile is hunger and strife to another child. The lyrics told me of his concern for children. Later, his immense philanthropic … Continue Reading

Investigating Michael Jackson’s Subjectivity


Michael Jackson

Baby boomers loved Michael Jackson. We couldn’t take our eyes off him. We grew up watching his whole life. Folks digging the pop-culture moment thrived on Michael’s work because it was undeniably leading us forward. His twenties decade was filled with transformation and his music had a way of reflecting our social angst. His too. I’m encouraged to analyze and investigate Michael’s subjectivity for the JustSheetMusic audience because I know you are interested in this artist. My earlier piece on Jackson got lots … Continue Reading

What do we miss about Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson 13 years old on the album Ben released on 3 august 1972

Michael Jackson 13 years old on the album Ben released on 3 august 1972

I decided to write about Michael Jackson when I realized how much I missed him. And that’s never happened before. An iconic master of our universe: why would I miss him? I never even met the guy. And how could I feel like him?

Symbols and Logic

Perhaps the connection begins with the fact that Michael and I are painters. … Continue Reading