Music Trivia Questions and Answers

Music trivia are bits of information and are a favorite pastime of many individuals from all over the world. It is especially prevalent in America where weekly trivia nights are everyday events for everyone.
Also, music trivia became a favorite part of the English vocabulary in the early 1900’s when Logan Pearsall Smith used the word as a title for his book. However, modern usage of the word and the cultivation of the trivia contest mean something very different today.
The largest trivia contest is in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point college radio station. Ultimately, music trivia can be an excellent activity to do with a group of any size. With this is mind, the following list of trivia questions is sure to provide entertainment for everyone.


1. Which Country Singer Was Born with The Name Eilleen Regina Edwards?

Shania Twain

Music Trivia ShaniaTwain Was Born with The Name Eilleen Regina Edwards

Twain is from Canada and is a singer and songwriter that has gained much success across the world for her country and pop music. She is among one of the best-selling music artists and is the “Queen of Country Pop.”
Twain married Frederic Thiebaud in 2011, after her retirement from performing in 2004. She then later revealed in 2017 that she was suffering from Lyme disease and dysphonia at the time which weakened her singing voice. Twain has received five Grammy Awards and had stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame.

2. Which Singer Married Trudie Styler in 1992?


Music Trivia Sting married Trudie Styler in Wiltshire south west England

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, otherwise known as Sting, married Trudie Styler in Wiltshire, south-west England. They have four children. Sting already had two children with his previous wife, Frances Tomelty.
The pair has been public about their children not inheriting their wealth which they deem to be a disadvantage for their children. Instead, they have decided to spend it, and their children have chosen their careers in various industries, including music.
Sting is a big fan of yoga, running, and aerobics which help him to stay fit.

3. Which Popular Radiohead Album Has Been Called “One of The Greatest Albums of All Time”?

OK Computer

Music Trivia OK Computer is a popular album by Radiohead

OK Computer is the third album released by the English rock band Radiohead. Indeed, many other musicians have deemed it to be one of the greatest albums ever. Radiohead recorded this album in 1995-1997, in Oxfordshire and Bath, inside of a mansion.
Radiohead wanted to ensure their new album was unique and distanced from guitar and introspective type. Thus, the result is an album with abstract lyrics, dense layers of sound, and an assortment of eclectic influences. Accordingly, these influences became the foundation for some of the experimental work that Radiohead would do later.

4. Who is “Little Miss Dynamite?”

Brenda Lee

Music Trivia Brenda Lee is Little Miss Dynamite

Brenda Lee is a performer from America who was a solo vocalist in the 1960’s. Her chart-topping hits include Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, and I’m Sorry. She was born in 1944 and sang rockabilly, country, and pop music that got her 47 US hits.
She got her nickname in 1957 for her 4ft 9-inch stature after she recorded the song “Dynamite.” The song was one of the first to gain an international following. As the 1960’s came to an end, her popularity faded. Nevertheless, she continued a successful recording career and her work in country music.

5. Who Is the Lead Singer of The Band Mud?

Les Gray

Music Trivia Les Gray is the Lead Singer of The Band Mud

Les Gray is from Carshalton, Surrey, where he was born in 1946. He is a self-taught musician and the lead singer of Mud. Although the band had a few failed singles at first, they also had a string of hits that got them TV exposure.
The band went their separate ways in 1979, but Gray had a solo hit in 1977 with a cover of the song “A Groovy Kind of Love.” Furthermore, he later went on tour with other musicians, and even appeared as a guest on the TV-series Jack Good’s Oh Boy in 1979.

6. In 2008, This Pop Star Became Famous After the Release of The Song “I Kissed A Girl”

Katy Perry

Music Trivia Katy Perry ecame Famous After the Release of The Song “I Kissed A Girl”

Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson in Santa Barbara, California. Her approximate net worth is currently $125 million. As a child, she started singing at her church and later became a television judge and a songwriter.
As a teenager, she pursued a career in gospel music but changed her genre to pop. In 2010 she married Russell Brand, but they divorced two years later in 2012. Ultimately, her career has been active since 2001, and she is on Twitter and other social media.

7. Where Was the Swedish Group ABBA Formed?


Music Trivia The Swedish Group ABBA Was Formed in Stockholm

The group name, ABBA, comes from the first letter in the first names of each group member. Particularly, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Agnetha Fältskog. Their music falls into the genres of Pop, euro pop, pop rock, and disco.
Some of their best-known songs include Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, and The Winner Takes It All. When the band was active from 1972-1982, they sold between 140 and over 500 million records which makes them one of the best sellers of all time.

8. Music Trivia: How Many Strings Are on A Violin?


Music Trivia The Violin has 4 strings

The violin, or the fiddle, has four strings that are each tuned to a different key. One can tune this instrument to different pitches, and each string is a note separated by a fifth.
Certainly, violins are part of the string instruments family and invented in the early 16th century in Italy.

9. Before 1967, Who Was the Manager of The Beatles?

Brian Epstein

Music Trivia Brian Epstein is the Manager of the Beatles

Brian Epstein was a music entrepreneur who was born in 1934 in Liverpool. Before his accidental death in 1967 he managed the Beatles.
Ultimately, the success of the Beatles is due to his smooth management style, handling contracts, and stage performances. Epstein is the “the fifth Beatles.”

10. Who Founded the English Rock Band Led Zeppelin In 1968?

Jimmy Page

Music Trivia Jimmy Page Founded the English Rock Band Led Zeppelin In 1968

Jimmy Page is an English musician, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer who is best known as the founder of Led Zeppelin. He was born in 1944 in Heston, UK, and has five children.
His music spans many genres including rock, folk, blues, and heavy metal. Indeed, his musical work is influential, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has inducted him twice. The first time for his work as part of the band called the Yardbirds, and the second time for his role in Led Zeppelin.

11. Which Pop And R&B Singer Made an Appearance in The Movie Battleship?


Music Trivia Rihanna Made an Appearance in The Movie Battleship

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, otherwise known as Rihanna, is from Barbados and was born in 1988. Her appearance in the movie Battleship won her a Golden Raspberry Award for worst supporting actress.
Additionally, in 2017, she was cast for the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and she will appear in Ocean’s 8 in 2018.

12. In What City Is the Copacabana Nightclub Located?

New York

Music Trivia The Copacabana nightclub  is found in New York City

The Copacabana is a New York City nightclub where many comedy entertainers have made their debuts. There is also a Barry Manilow song with the same name that references the nightclub.
The Copacabana opened in 1940 and Frank Costello is a part-owner, a mob boss. Notably, several films including Raging Bull, Tootsie, Goodfellas, and The Purple Rose of Cair featured the club also.

13. What Is the Name of The Record Label by The Beatles?


Music Trivia Apple Corps is the record label founded by Beatles

The Beatles put up Apple records in 1968 as part of Apple Corps Ltd. It started out as a creative project for the Beatles, and soon they started bringing in other artists.

Similarly, Mary Hopkin, Badfinger, and James Taylor all had music released from Apple records, and the former Beatles released their solo work as well.

14. Music Trivia: How Many Keys Are There on A Baby Grand Piano?


Music Trivia Baby Grand Piano Has 88 Keys

Most modern baby grand pianos will have 88 keys and average about 4ft 11inches in size.

They are smaller than concert grands, parlour grands, and boudoir grands in size, and may also have a different sound due to their shorter strings.

Ultimately Baby grand pianos are well suited for domestic spaces but would perform in large concert halls.

15. Which Prince Song Reached the Highest on The Music Charts?

When Doves Cry

Music Trivia When Doves Cry, a song by PrinceReached the Highest on The Music Charts

Prince Rogers Nelson or “Prince”, is an American songwriter, singer, and musician from Minneapolis. Also, Prince has done work as a record producer, director, and actor. He was born in 1958 and died in 2016 after a lengthy and eventful career.
Indeed When Doves Cry is his number one hit, but he has several other songs that were very popular. Also, Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret, and I Wanna Be Your Lover are also chart-toppers that are still played today.

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