3 Instruments You Should Learn Today

In a world where the liberal arts are dying out, it’s nice to find solace in the talents of other musicians. This euphoria is heightened exponentially when you play an instrument yourself. The possibilities for an instrument to choose can be overwhelming, so I am here as a guiding light. Below are a few of my choices of excellent instruments for beginners to learn.

1. Piano


The piano is an instrument that, while intimidating, is phenomenally valuable to learn. Piano teaches many of the theories used in music, and acts as a gateway to help learn others instruments.  Another perk to playing “the 88’s” is the increase in brain activity.  The piano is a stimulating to multiple parts of the brain, as all instruments. The piano helps to develop hand-eye coordination, and fluency of the fingers. One of the more direct results of the piano is the skew it gives to people perception of you. Typically, people that play the piano appear smarter and more talented.

For a list of excellent piano’s to get started with, click here



2. Ukulele

The ukulele is on the list, primarily because it is one of the easiest instruments to learn, but also, its so much fun! It is one of my favorite instruments to play, and will soon be yours if you decide to learn. Ask any player, and they will recommend you play. I have yet to see an unhappy ukulele player, and even if you play a stringed instrument, it is simple to learn. Ukuleles are versatile in playing style, and extremely portable. They work great for people with small hands, or large, and are perfect for children looking to get into music. There are also a few different styles and types, mainly Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. This opens up the field of diverse tones, and creates the opportunity for new hybrids of instruments, such as the guitalele.

For a list of a few good starter ukulele’s, click here.



3. Guitar

The guitar is the dream instrument of every elementary school student, but is rarely carried out. This is a shame, because the guitar acts as a gateway to player more instruments, much like the piano does. The guitar teaches across the disciplines of instrument, such as playing thirds and fifths, and concepts of chord building. I began playing the guitar, and because of that, I picked up the mandolin, ukulele, dulcimer, and violin. The guitar also has an effect on peoples perception. Guitar players seem to be more composed and cool than others. The guitar fares well at parties, as it is easily recognized, and has the ability to play nearly any song.

For a list of great guitars for beginners, click here.


In short, playing an instrument could easily be the best decision you make. Musical instruments have acted as a mental stimulant for years, and easily improve your image to others. The instruments above will open a door that you will devout the rest of your life to if you decide to proceed. Either way, music runs our life, and you should become a contributor to it.


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