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Most Famous American Composers of the 21st Century

Indeed, there are many famous American composers whose work is popular globally. We have heard their music in TV shows, films, and festivals. They also create works at an early age which is later performed by orchestras or symphonies.


These famous American composers tend to work for Universities across the world. They also partner with other groups and individuals.

  1. Jay Greenberg
famous American composers

Greenberg is a famous American composer from New Haven, Connecticut. He … Continue Reading

Brief History of Guitars

The history of guitars is rich with cultural influence that has shaped the design and sound of the instrument we are familiar with today.

The history of the guitar goes back to at least the 1200’s, where the term “guitar” could refer to many different instruments. All across Europe, the guitar became a favorite instrument for bards and musicians.

Numerous historical records, including paintings, and illustrated books give us a good idea of what instruments looked like through time, and all of the different designs that became labeled as guitars.

Today guitars are a conventional instrument that is frequently learned by individuals of … Continue Reading

Learning Guitar: What You Need to Know About Sheet Music

Image Source: quadriproject.com

Image Source: quadriproject.com

If you’re like me, between work and family, there are never enough hours in the day. Perhaps that is why I value alone time with my guitar the most. Learning an instrument can be a relaxing and beautiful experience.
Regardless of age, education, or amount of time throughout the day, the guitar is a wonderful instrument to start on, and I might be as bold to say that the guitar is the best instrument to begin with. Why? The guitar is simple … Continue Reading