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Michael Jackson the Father, Poet Songwriter, Dancer, Superstar


Michael Jackson’s Children (Prince Michael II, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson)

Sometimes I wonder when Michael Jackson began to realize he wanted a lot of children. In his song Can You Feel It he sings to us: Every breath you take is someone’s death in another place: Every healthy smile is hunger and strife to another child. The lyrics told me of his concern for children. Later, his immense philanthropic … Continue Reading

Investigating Michael Jackson’s Subjectivity


Michael Jackson

Baby boomers loved Michael Jackson. We couldn’t take our eyes off him. We grew up watching his whole life. Folks digging the pop-culture moment thrived on Michael’s work because it was undeniably leading us forward. His twenties decade was filled with transformation and his music had a way of reflecting our social angst. His too. I’m encouraged to analyze and investigate Michael’s subjectivity for the JustSheetMusic audience because I know you are interested in this artist. My earlier piece on Jackson got lots … Continue Reading

What do we miss about Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson 13 years old on the album Ben released on 3 august 1972

Michael Jackson 13 years old on the album Ben released on 3 august 1972

I decided to write about Michael Jackson when I realized how much I missed him. And that’s never happened before. An iconic master of our universe: why would I miss him? I never even met the guy. And how could I feel like him?

Symbols and Logic

Perhaps the connection begins with the fact that Michael and I are painters. … Continue Reading