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IMSLP.org – The Perfect Place for free sheet music

International Music Score Library Project

International Music Score Library Project

If you are a music composer and love to share your music composition with music lovers, then International Music Score Library Project or IMSLP is the perfect place for you.

It is a virtual music library where you can submit your own musical composition as well as enjoy listening to the compositions of other musicians. It is a website where one can easily share musical ideas with like-minded people. It is an excellent platform … Continue Reading

Top 10 most famous composers on the internet

Johannes Brahms

(7 May 1833 – 3 April 1897),
Starting with number 10 and also one of the hardest number on the list with a lot of competition from other famous composers like Tchaikovsky, Joseph Haydn and George Frederic Handel which were all very close on becoming number 10.

Most popular on the internet are his symphonies which he wrote 4 and off course his Hungarian dances which were also his most profitable compositions.

While being number 6 on most ‘famous … Continue Reading