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International Music Score Library Project

International Music Score Library Project

If you are a music composer and love to share your music composition with music lovers, then International Music Score Library Project or IMSLP is the perfect place for you.

It is a virtual music library where you can submit your own musical composition as well as enjoy listening to the compositions of other musicians. It is a website where one can easily share musical ideas with like-minded people. It is an excellent platform for people, who appreciate good music. The site’s musical community includes both contemporary as well as legendary composers.

Edward Guo

The one person, who should be accredited for the creation of IMSLP, is Edward Guo also known as Feldmahler on He is not only responsible for conceiving the entire project, but also for maintaining the site servers and modifying the Wiki software on a regular basis as well as for paying. Apart from that, the site completely belongs to the community, comprising of ardent music followers. They keep on posting their latest compositions, so that others can listen and enjoy them.

Mr. Guo talks about the IMSLP and his role in establishing this significant online music resource.

The International Music Score Library Project

The International Music Score Library Project was launched in 2006, on the 16th of February. At this day it includes more than 121,000 sheet music titles in addition to 3,300 musical recordings for in excess of 43,000 works, created by more than 6,300 composers.

Public Domain Sheet Music

The IMSLP mainly consists of scans of eminent works of notable musicians of the past, whose creations are out of patent. Apart from this, it also includes works of other musicians, who want to share their creations with the entire world. The site includes the complete works of Beethoven, Chopin’s, Handel, Schubert, Mozart, as well as other great composers.

IMSLP Community

The International Music Score Library Project is not owned by any individual. It is one of a kind site, which is founded on the teamwork of its members.

At this unique site, everybody is allowed to design a work page, a composer page and is also permitted to submit files. However, to perform all this, you require being a member of this site, chiefly for safety reasons. Becoming a member is very easy. All that you need to do is to click on the “Log in/Create account” tab, available on the top right-hand corner of all the pages. Once you click on the button a log in page will open up, where you are required to type in your details.

The best thing about this site is that it is available in different languages. This makes it extremely easy for people from different parts of the world to navigate the site without any difficulties. The International Music Score Library Project site enables users to search by composers, nationality, instruments, melody, performers as well as time period. It also includes a live chat option where people can chat with others and easily share their ideas. Apart from all these features, IMSLP site has a FAQ page where all probable questions have been clearly answered. To learn how you can contribute to the Project, visit the Contributor Portal.

To cut a long story short, the International Music Score Library Project site is the ideal place for all composers, both modern and legendary, from all across the globe.

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