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William Alwyn

Born 7 November 1905. William Alwyn was an English composer, music teacher and conductor.  Beside his musical talent he was also a polyglot, poet and artist.

In 1920 William Alwyn started studying the flute and compositions at the  Royal Academy of Music in London and after this study he served there as professor of composition until 1955.

From 1941 till 1962 he wrote over 70 sheet music titles for films, some of those are.

Friedrich Daniel Rudolf Kuhlau

Born 11 september 1786 in Germany. Friedrich Kuhlau was known as a composer and concert pianist.  He started studying the piano in Hamburg  where he also made his debut as a pianist in 1804.

In 1813 Friedrich Kuhlau became a Danish citizen after he fled to avoid conscription in the Napoleonic Army.  One year later he had his breakthrough with a singspiel called “The Robbers’ Castle” (Danish: Røverborgen) at the Roayal Danish Theatre.

Kuhlau had his success in 1828 when he wrote the music (Op. 100)  for ‘Elves Hill’ (Danish: Elverhøj) which … Continue Reading

Top 10 most famous composers on the internet

Johannes Brahms

(7 May 1833 – 3 April 1897),
Starting with number 10 and also one of the hardest number on the list with a lot of competition from other famous composers like Tchaikovsky, Joseph Haydn and George Frederic Handel which were all very close on becoming number 10.

Most popular on the internet are his symphonies which he wrote 4 and off course his Hungarian dances which were also his most profitable compositions.

While being number 6 on most ‘famous … Continue Reading