Our Ultimate List of the 6 Best Music Blogs

Discover the best music blogs on the net and find out which one is right for you. Learn what the best music blogs have to offer and what you can expect to see when you visit them.

The last two decades have seen an explosion of indie music and independent musicians self-releasing their own songs and albums. Before, all we had was MTV and the radio to inform us about the newest music, and we were all the poorer for it. Nowadays, though, we have the internet, that most powerful and terrible of tools. Whereas before we had a handful of radio and TV stations, now we have hundreds if not thousands of music blogs.

Best Music Blogs


Music blogs and their bloggers scour the indie scenes, the obscure venues, and independent releases to get you the best music you could ever hear. They also give unprecedented access to the inner workings of the music industry. No longer are the pop stars all we see and read about, now the producers and composers get their share of the limelight (and criticism).

So which music blogs should you be following? Well, that’s not an easy question, and the answer depends on what you like, what you want to know about and how you feel about music in general. There are tons of best music blogs out there, all with different goals, and methods. Let’s take a look at some of the best music blogs out there so you can decide for yourself.


List of best music blogs Pitchfork (1)


Probably the most well-known blog out there for the music, Pitchfork has been at the cutting edge for years. They are considered the authority on indie music and have held the crown for over 20 years. Some say that their popularity has cost them their indie cred, but that hasn’t stopped. Pitchfork from being one of if not the most visited indie music blog on the internet.

Pitchfork updates daily with album reviews of new and up and coming artists, artist interviews, and other features. They also have frequent video updates featuring their staff and music artists and frequent news updates.

Seeing as how Pitchfork has grown so large, their scope has grown to match their popularity. While they are still primarily a music blog, they also cover just about all things indie now as well. They report on current events through the eyes of musicians and report on anything involving indie artists (some might consider this gossip, but it’s news).

Pitchfork also has updates about other pop culture news like stand up comedy and television but to a much lesser extent. They know their audience and aren’t posting reviews of sitcoms or anything like that. The media they write articles and reports on are independent in nature, whether it be about music or not. If you aren’t a hardcore contrarian and don’t mind an indie blog dipping their toes into the mainstream, then Pitchfork is a good place to start.

Consequence of Sound

Best music blogs Consequence of Sound


Next on our list of the best music blogs is the Consequence of Sound. If you are looking for even more mainstream in your music and culture blog, look no further than Consequence of Sound. It is one of the best music blogs on the net, but it is more than that. It now resembles a blog of everything pop culture, while still keeping one foot firmly planted in the underground.

They aren’t looking to be the hippest kids on the block, Consequence of Sound is looking to hold the ground in between the mainstream and the indie scene. They report and write on music, film, TV and more.

You might see a review of a blockbuster movie and a current event news report followed by an announcement of two obscure bands going on tour and an album review of an artist whose genre you haven’t even heard of. They have a myriad of “nerd” podcasts and a festival tracker for all the indie music enthusiasts. There’s something for the normies and the tragically hip alike!

The sheer volume of content they churn out may make it difficult to sift through to get to the meaty music information you want, but there is an upside. You also won’t have to go many other places to get news from your other interests either. If you’re like most people, music isn’t your one and only thing, and you may appreciate news and features from other sectors of the entertainment industry.

Aquarium Drunkard

Best Music Blogs Aquarium Drunkard


OK, now you may be thinking, “Enough of this mainstream joiner fare, I’m all about that obscure independent sound. Where’s the blog that caters to my need to discover music that my friends have never heard of?” The Aquarium Drunkard has you covered. If you can’t tell by the name, it is very hip.

Seriously though, the Aquarium Drunkard is one of the best music blogs out there. It has a hardline to the indie scene the cover a whole host of sounds and different ways to blend them. It’s hard to describe, but they bill themselves as, “[bridging] contemporary sounds with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, soul, funk, r&b and beyond.” Heavy, man.

They update daily with reviews, articles, mp3s and more. There’s always something new to dig. Are you looking for interviews and album recommendations? They got those, too. Want fresh takes on music history and a satellite radio station playing all the indie gems they’ve found? Check and double check.

Aquarium Drunkard isn’t for everyone; top 40 need not apply. But, for the people they do cater to, Aquarium Drunkard has garnered a loyal and devoted fan base of diehard indie music fans. Give them a try if you are looking to up your contrarian game.


Best Music Blogs Hypebot

Finding new music and reading music news is all well and good, but the musicians out there need a blog, too. For the music makers and producers, there’s Hypebot. This blog reports and writes on technology advancements and techniques for writing and mixing music. They also have tips and guides on how to get famous and grow your brand.

This isn’t a blog for fanboys and fangirls; this site is for serious musicians looking to get better, get signed or just release music themselves. Their posts and articles about the music industry go in depth and are a boon for anyone trying to turn their passion for making music into a money-making endeavor.

Even if your dream is to produce or just run your own label or brand, Hypebot has everything you need. You’ll see business reports and stock updates on music-centric companies as well as business forecasts. You’ll even read about music politics and its role in culture and society as a whole. A different kind of heavy, man.

Indie Shuffle

Best Music Blogs Indie Shuffle


“OK, OK!” Another group I am imagining says. “We didn’t come here for news or tips or interviews or movie reviews or any other junk like that. We just want to find some rad new music! Where’s our blog?” Settle down, and check out Indie Shuffle.

Indie Shuffle’s philosophy is that people are better at recommending music than robots. Their expert staff curates the best of new indie music for you to discover without just looking at tags and punching numbers into an algorithm. They give you the personal touch and recommend music from indie rock, hip-hop, electronic, and everything else in between.

No frills here, just people in the know finding new music for you. Even better, you can take that music to go with their smartphone app. It’s like Spotify, only with a heavy emphasis on the obscure and indie and an aversion to the top charts and mainstream.

The 405

Best Music Blogs The 405


“Right, so music is cool, but a lot of things make you cool. What about, like, a bunch of cool indie music and album reviews but also fashion and tech spots that help me create the total cool person package? Is there a blog that caters to my desire for features and articles on indie art en masse that will help me fulfill my lifelong coolness dream?” Man you made up people are demanding. Yes, The 405.

This one is one of the best music blogs available because it covers other things involving music culture like street fashion and independent cinema without sacrificing its indie cred. You won’t find any comic book movie reviews or tabloid gossip here, just in-depth music reviews and news with other art sectors being represented sparingly.

If you want to be on the ground floor of finding and promoting cutting-edge art, the 405 is the place to be. They have some major influence, with the backing of Red Bull, the BBC and a growing number of festivals and are a cultural force. Fortunately, they use their powers for good, pulling lesser-known artists from obscurity and thrusting them into the spotlight where they deserve to be.

Best Music Blogs: Diversify Your Blogs

All of these websites deserve to stand among the best music blogs, but for different reasons and that’s OK. We are diverse people with various interests so no one blog should be our end all and be all. Grow your collection of blogs and get your perspective shifted. With so many great blogs out there, you’ll never want for choice so you might as well take advantage.

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